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Hello Everyone!

To kick off our first month, we are proud to announce some important dates and fun events.

Rust Vanilla Grand Opening: Friday February 23rd @ 9PM GMT/4PM EST/3PM CST

Early Admin Application Acceptances: February 28th-March 1st
Minecraft Grand Opening Night: Friday March 2nd @ 9PM GMT/4PM EST/3PM CST
Black Mesa Roleplay Opening Night: Friday March 9th @ 9PM GMT/4PM EST/3PM CST
Rust Battlefield Opening Night: Friday March 16th @ 9PM GMT/4PM EST/3PM CST

Last but not least, giveaways in March (steam gift cards, games, and VIP ranks) will be given to random members that play on the server launch weekends and stay in teamspeak as an appreciation for your dedication and commitment.

On behalf of our staff team, we hope to see you there!

Official News

This is the only post I will be making about Drama as it is stupid.

I have been informed that people know that the past community most of us were in is not shutting down. I myself was not aware of this. Neither was a lot of people. We were given a timeline of when it is shutting. The date given was the 15th Of February 2018. That date is how Gaming-Empire formed as a backup community.

On the 18th we decided that we would leave vG and come here. Under the impression that it was still shutting.
These people were your leadership team.
Myself, Kronix, Tappily, Trufflez, JasX and Wheaty

After this happend I received a message saying that VoltageGaming is shutting and leadership has been let go.

There it was, it happend. This fixed Gaming-Empire in its place and permanent community.
I couldn't care less at this point if someone lied to us and got us to leave, its too late now we are a formed community with Plans and a future.

If you wish to stay with us feel free, if you would like to go back to the past community feel free.

Gaming-Empire was not created to trap you, it was created to be a fun community where people can play good servers and hang out and talk in Teamspeak and Discord. Not a community that is pure Drama and causes issues.

So please don't feel like you are being forced to be here because your not.

If you have any questions you know where I am.

- Jamie​
Hello, on behalf of the Gaming-Empire community, welcome to our family!

We are thrilled to see that you found interest in our server, and for that thank you. Whilst the server may not be an empire in size at the moment, there are huge growth and hard-work going into our community than any other out there! After All, our ultimate goal is to provide all members and staff with the best experience possible. The staff team and I are more than happy to assist anyone, so if you have any issues or would like to share insight please do so! We hope to see you soon.

Gaming-Empire Staff Team