As many of you might have seen in the Discord and the forums we have deleted the Minecraft Items, We have decided that the Minecraft Server will no longer be part of Gaming-Empire as a while back we merged when this community was known as Frequency9. The Gaming-Empire Management team have however decided that the two communitys should split and go the sepret ways. I would like to wish Gaming Rapture all the best with their server. There are rasons behind the split which I will not go into deal about as I will keep that between the staff team but this split will only affect the players who played Minecraft.

I hope you all understand and respect the decision that was made.

- Jamie
So.. I have been thinking recently about if we should stay on discord or go to Teampeak3...

So I am going to put it to a vote... Dont vote Discord if you don't know what Teamspeak3 is, research it.. same for the other....

Happy Voting!
Well... This month has been eventful... A New Name, A New Begining!

As you have proberbly seen TTT has opened and also MilitaryRP has returned with Scratch as Server Director!

More to come soon!​
Fancy being an admin on TTT? Feel free to apply if yiu get accepted you will be part of our team!!
We would like to welcome you to Empire-Gaming!

Most of you will know us from Frequency9 and Rapture Gaming! This community is a mixture of the communities to for a Network!

Our current leadership staff include -
Jamie, Dizzy, Azqui, Bug, Carter

If you have any questions about the network please ask us as we are here to help!

We have you enjoy it here and we all welcome you to the Network! :)